Walthall Design is an award winning team dedicated to helping make the web fun, fresh, and powerful. Headquartered in stunning Bozeman Montana, this tech hot spot helps fuel our passion for the creative process. Our bread and butter include: custom website design, splash page creation, responsive development, e-commerce, search engine optimization, and site security/backups. Go on, get settled in and have a look around!


Cream of the Crop

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How we love helping our customers

Custom Website Design

We specialize in developing modern, professional and functional websites that users find attractive and easy to use.


Sell products online quickly, professionally, and safely.

Website Backups

Regular backups help you sleep at night knowing a clean copy of your current site is always available.

Responsive Development

With over 50% of website viewership being on mobile devices, ensuring that a site looks flawless on any device is essential.

Search Engine Optimization

A few specifics we focus on are: page-load times, clean code, carefully crafted content and keywords.

Content management systems

You should feel empowered, and dare we say excited, to make changes to your website.

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